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👋🏻 Welcome to the Coaching Minds Hub, the esteemed home of the CM University, providing an Online Learning Platform of Educational Coaching Events, CPD Courses and Accredited Coaching Programmes

We are an Award-Winning Organisation holding multiple accreditations with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the UK CPD Group

Are you looking for an affordable Accredited Coaching Programme?

Join our revolution of coaches worldwide who are paying only $43 /£32 a month to gain their Accreditation in Coaching, grow their business and build an engaging online community through the power of AI. 

Our mission is to make coaching affordable and accessible across the globe and we want YOU as our next addition! 

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Our organisation is led by our Managing Director, Paul Smith who holds 7+ years experience in coaching, training and development. He holds various roles across the industry working closely with professional bodies to implement change. He is also an Author, Business Mentor and Mental Health Advocate. 


We are more than just a Coaching School, we are an Online University. Join us as we expand our curriculum, research projects and standard of coach training. We hold various courses in coaching with our Level 5 Practitioner: Diploma in Transformational Coaching leading the way as our signature programme. But as our number of coaches expand, so does our ability to ignite opportunity. Launching next year:

🎓 2025 - Level 7 Senior Practitioner: Organisational Coaching

Our Coach Premium Membership grants access to our Level 5 Practitioner: Diploma in Transformational Coaching and unlocks your path to becoming an Accredited Coach. If you wish to learn more:

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Our Accredited Coaching Programme is led by our Programme Director, Adele Jacobs who holds +4 years experience in coaching & coach supervision. Adele is passionate about helping our coaches succeed and not only guides our coaches to certification but holds her door open to assist with mental health and wellbeing. 

Established in 2020, Coaching Minds became a beacon of light for those struggling during the pandemic. From what began as a small group of ambitious coaches offering pro-bono services, soon blossomed into a Global Coaching School. Onboarding coaches from over 15 different countries and training people to support with our mission to make coaching affordable and accessible across the globe. 

When a hummingbird landed on the hand of our Managing Director, in a magical and meaningful moment amidst the mountains of Colombia, the hummingbird became the symbol of our vision. 

As we embark on our projects and ventures in coaching, the spirit of the hummingbird serves as a constant reminder to approach situations with lightness and joy. Just like the hummingbird flits from flower to flower, we too aim to delicately touch the lives of those around us, leaving a trail of positivity and inspiration on our path. 

We invite you to become part of our next chapter...

We understand that it is hard to trust written feedback on the web, so instead of asking for testimonials, we Interview our coaches on our programme. Here is what some of them had to say:


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Please note that on subscription you accept our Terms and Conditions and are subject to the clauses within.

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The Future Success of Coaching

AI is taking the world by storm and at Coaching Minds we are leading the way in the coaching profession. Coaches from around the world are enrolling with us solely for the benefit of constructing an Online AI Powered Coaching Room. A personally branded online space with built-in AI features, gamification and courses that allows coaches to frequently engage with their clients/followers whilst freeing their time to deliver more coaching sessions or to enjoy their free time. Sign-up as a 'Premium Coach' and open your doors to the future of coaching. 

✨ Provide your clients with an unforgettable experience.

✨ Bring your coaching business together.

✨ Generate an income stream.

✨ Gain detailed insights and data analytics. 

✨ Take lead in the profession. 

Many coaching schools will try to sell you on the basis that the coaching profession is a multi-billion dollar industry generating around $215 billion per year. Whilst this is true, very few will approach the topic of Social Responsibility with you and the difference they aim to make to society. At Coaching Minds revenue is a bi-product of the service we give to the world. Our focus is solely on training and empowering coaches to transform the lives of the many, both through individual coaching sessions and through social impact

At Coaching Minds we are passionate about making a difference and are pro-actively inspiring not just our own coaches but the profession as a whole to consider the social impact we can make together. Coaching is not just about the work we do with our clients, our coaching business also provides an opportunity to help tackle societal issues and make a significant change to the world. We therefore:

🌟 Reward Social Impact by gifting badges and certificates for pro-bono coaching. 

🌟 Host a 'Social Impact Award' each year.

🌟 Actively seek partnerships with charities to provide free coaching to its volunteers. 

Here at Coaching Minds, we do our part each day as an organisation that works to reduce our carbon footprint and to ensure that our business impacts the environment in a positive way. 

We’re proud to receive the new @SMEClimateHub badge, officially recognising our business commitment to lower our impact on the environment as part of the UN’s Race to Zero campaign. We encourage all of our coaches to join the community:

🌿Our Carbon Footprint

Here are the key highlights of our Climate Change Action Plan:

🌿 All documents, tools, handouts and exercise packs are all editable online and we encourage all coaches to avoid printing.

🌿 All products of our brand will be consciously made with our planet in mind. Our hoodies, t-shirts & clothing items are made with organic materials, using renewable energy, sent in plastic-free packaging and recyclability made possible with technology. 

🌿 The environmental impact of companies is an important factor for us when entering into Partnerships with other organisations and we refuse to partner with any organisations that could be seen to be affecting the environment.

🌿 We consciously encourage our coaches to think about the impact they have on the environment and the influence they have on others through their coaching practice.

🌿 We host/co-host two events throughout the year that actively promotes climate change action. 

🌿 We encourage the use of online activities and continue to look at innovative ways to perform business digitally.

🌿 We reduce the use of physical notebooks and journals. All staff are asked to keep a digital notebook. 

🌿 All contracts are E-signed and documented rather than the need for a wet signature.

At Coaching Minds, we are committed to nurturing an inclusive and equitable environment where diversity is celebrated and everyone is empowered to reach their full potential. We believe that diverse perspectives enrich the learning experience and strengthen our community. We therefore:

  • Promote equity by ensuring fair treatment, access and opportunity for all students, staff and faculty.
  • Embrace diversity by valuing the unique backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that each individual brings.
  • Create an inclusive environment where all members feel respected, supported and valued.
  • Challenge and act upon any conduct or behaviour that may be seen as discriminatory.
  • Support the use of pronouns and ensure that coaches are correctly gendered but do not force the need to display pronouns, leaving it a personal choice.
  • Recognise that diversity does not solely lie in cultural difference but also in behaviour and development. We therefore actively educate ourselves on Neuro-Diversity and adapt our services to cater for people of all backgrounds and capabilities. Keeping up-to-date our Learner Policy. 

We continuously improve our practices, policies and curriculum to reflect our commitment to EDI. Through ongoing education, dialogue and collaboration, we continue to build a coaching school that upholds these principles in all aspects of our work.

All of our coaches, supervisors abide by the EMCC Global Code of Ethics and the Coaching Minds' Professional Code of Conduct. 

Professional Code of Conduct (May 2024).pdf

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